Haymaker Concierge

The remote work revolution is here to stay. Companies doing it right are partnering with Haymaker to provide their employees with unique, high-quality workspaces, wherever and whenever they need to get their best work done.

  • – No subscriptions or monthly fees.
  • – Specifically sourced for your employees’ unique needs.
  • – Small spaces for focused solo work and larger venues for team meetings and collaboration.

Why do you need a workspace strategy?

Remote-first companies are forward-thinking and need a workspace solution that follows suit. Your team could be based anywhere – and you require a flexible solution for their workspace that allows them to be the most productive.  Your team doesn’t need to spend their time searching for workspace that’s right for them. They need a space that keeps the commute to a minimum and fits their work needs.

As a leader you are interested to:

  • – Maintain a culture of collaboration & innovation with your remote workforce through in-person touch-points.
  • – Retain employees through exceptional experiences.
  • – Aid employee mental well-being by providing individuals space out of their own home office.
  • – Support DEI initiatives, as individual employees have different remote work experiences and needs.

Your Workspace Strategy Starts Here


We survey your employees to identify exactly what they’re looking for in a workspace, including location to cut their commute, amenities like treadmill or standing desks, extras like outdoor space, and bonuses like pet-friendly. We will find out how often, and what days of the week they want to utilize a Haymaker space for themselves or for their team.


Based on survey responses, we provide a list of ideal Haymaker workspaces and usage options, including week-to-week availability or routine monthly or quarterly meeting locations.  Then we’ll proceed to get the reservations in place, and ensure the spaces are ready for on-demand and pre-scheduled use by your employees.  

Workspace Reservation & Concierge Services

After your initial reservations are in place, ongoing, your team will have access to the Haymaker concierge. Included with these services:

  • – Dedicated company page.
  • – On-demand spaces employees can reserve any time.
  • – Optional weekly pre-reserved spaces near employee locations. Haymaker manages reservation logistics with our hosts.
  • – Personalized support for employees looking for space for themselves or their team.
  • – Regular updates with your team.
  • – Reporting and analysis on usage of the spaces.
  • – Employee feedback survey after initial pilot period.

Interested in getting started? Contact us now to discuss your needs.