Host Your Hotel Space with Haymaker

Host Your Hotel Space with Haymaker

The remote work revolution is just getting started. Haymaker is the premier destination for individuals and teams in Austin and throughout the U.S. looking for space where they can collaborate and get their best work done. We are providing a unique remote work experience with exceptional spaces, a simple reservation process, and a hospitality-first approach.


The Hybrid-Hospitality Model

Integrating working spaces into hotels as part of a hybrid-hospitality model are among one of the new mainstays in the remote work revolution.   

Many regarded hotels across the United States, and in Mexico and the Caribbean are offering work-from-hotel options that provide an appealing alternative location accompanied by thoughtful amenities for working remotely.  Whether individuals desire more space for a day or crave a better view for a week or longer, hotels are playing an important role in the future of remote work because of a hospitality-first experience.

Teams coming together for multi-day meetings, and individuals desiring a space to focus – requiring hotel rooms at night, meeting and work space by day, and food, beverage and amenities – make hotels the perfect hive for remote work.  


“My company has held off-site staff meetings at the Granduca twice this year, and both experiences were exceptional. From big things like excellent AV setup and lighting, to little things like enormous windows to let in natural light, comfortable chairs, healthy snacks and smoothies, ice-cold water carafes, stemware water glasses, fine porcelain cups and saucers, etc., the Granduca is a splendid, elegant venue for business meetings.”

Attract a New Audience

Haymaker markets our remote-work locations to business professionals in Austin. By actively marketing your spaces, we attract a new base of local clients who might not otherwise have an opportunity to visit your property. 

Control Your Schedule

As a host with Haymaker, you determine availability of your spaces and can block off any time period you wish. You can make all of your work and meeting spaces available or just specific areas of your property.  And since you can customize the rates of each space, you don’t run the risk of undercutting your existing performance.

Additional Revenue Sources

Haymaker guests, whether teams or individuals, will require food, beverage, and potentially the addition of A/V for meeting rooms, or passes to use property amenities. Add-on benefits to their experience can be thoughtful and add that extra touch of hospitality. 

Co-Marketing Benefits

As Haymaker launches our marketplace in early 2022, we will be including co-marketing benefits for our launch-partner hosts.  Including marketing on social media and online, featured on our website, and in communications with our guests.  Let’s discuss more about how we can seize the remote work opportunity together.