Our Story

At a peer-to-peer fundraising conference just prior to the pandemic emergence in early 2020, the idea of Haymaker was born.  As remote workers, we were getting tired of looking at the same walls.  Variety in our work space allowed us to tap into the flow we need to get our best work done. Little did we know we were in for a lot of it in the coming year.  

The great remote-work experiment caused by the pandemic caused many of us to evaluate how and where we work.  We have enjoyed flexibility and lack of commute as a better way of working.  But working from (our own) home may not be the best scenario.  

Enter Haymaker.  Enter new way of working.

Our Team

John Abraham


John brings over 20 years of leadership, start-up and business development experience to Haymaker.  John previously formed and led his own start-up, Great Feats, providing innovative peer-to-peer fundraising solutions to non-profits. Great Feats was acquired by OneCause in 2018 where John served as Vice President of peer-to-peer solutions.
John continues to provide his knowledge and expertise to non-profits, including serving as Board President of international water charity, Well Aware.  He lives with his family in Austin, Texas.

Kate Harwood


Kate brings over 20 years of experience of customer success, marketing and partnerships in the technology sector to Haymaker.  She has served in Partnership roles for various start-up companies, and also for Salesforce.org, all in flexible or remote-work locations.  Kate saw the need for a better work-from-home solution, and in 2020, pitched the idea for what is now known as Haymaker.

Kate lives with her family in Austin, Texas, and Bainbridge Island, Washington.


Where We Are

You can find us, working remotely, the Haymaker way.