Remote Working Done Right: The Hybrid Work Model and Rise of the Third Workplace

From fully remote businesses to corporations with large campuses and everything in between, one aspect of remote work’s evolution is becoming clear; a flexible hybrid model is the ideal structure for productivity and worker satisfaction. In order to create a successful hybrid workforce it’s important to be intentional about both in-person and remote work.

Punctuated collaboration, a term coined by Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel in the book Remote, Inc., describes how the best remote work model is to limit meetings, in real life or virtually, by structuring work weeks with meetings clustered on certain days, leaving other days free to focus on analytic, creative, or detail-oriented work that is difficult to execute between office interruptions or non-stop video calls. This strategy allows for the collaboration and communication of group work, while creating space for more deep, focused personal work.

Often, however, home or local offices don’t meet worker needs to properly execute punctuated collaboration, so a third, alternative workspace has grown in popularity.

Working from home or the office can be full of distractions. At home, parents are juggling work with child care, apartment dwellers are dealing with roommates, personal to-dos are visible and distracting. And, at the office colleagues or managers take your presence as permission to engage, meaning less focused work time.

Alternative spaces, like the ones you can find from Haymaker, offer workers the ability to find a distraction-free space to create deeper focus and productivity on their non-meeting days. Additionally, as companies continue to shutter or reduce office space, the need for locations to hold weekly in-person meetings, brainstorming, or “in-office” days with teammates has risen. 

remote work schedule with haymaker

On Haymaker, individual workers or managers can find a space that addresses their needs, enhancing the communication and collaboration of meeting days. With Haymaker, you can find a workspace that meets your hybrid working requirements. For an hour or a day, for you or an entire team, a Haymaker space will provide the amenities you want in the location you need. Search now at