Transform Your Space into a Work Space

Some properties are already set up to be an alternative work space, ready to be listed on Haymaker’s marketplace. But just because yours isn’t, doesn’t mean it can’t easily be updated or adjusted so you can take advantage of remote workers looking for rental spaces. What does a perfect space offer a remote worker? While preferences differ, here are a few things to consider:  

Internet connection

Remote workers depend on reliable internet service. Investing in a high-speed internet plan of at least 100 Mbps with 1Gbps up and download allows for extra bandwidth to avoid network congestion during work hours.  

Comfortable chair and desk

It’s proven that a comfortable, ergonomic chair with maximum lumbar support increases productivity. Paired with an uncluttered desk, guests will be able to better focus and be more productive–a winning combination that will lead to repeat visits. A good office chair helps maintain a neutral posture, which means sitting with feet flat on the floor, knees slightly higher than hips, with hips, shoulders, and ears all lined up with each other. Since that position will be slightly different for each person, choose a chair that offers adjustable arm and chair height, as well as tilt, to ensure all guests, no matter their shape or size, can sit comfortably.  

Office accessories and supplies

Providing a little of the basics can go a long way for guests. Hosts who provide a selection of traditional office supplies such as pens, paper, paperclips, and staplers alleviate the frustration of a forgotten highlighter or notebook when guests are working. Printers and/or scanners are also welcome additions. While not necessary, keeping whiteboards and sticky notes in your workspace can give guests an outlet for brainstorming ideas, writing outlines, or conceptualizing goals which can directly lead to a boost in productivity.  

Flexible Seating

Hosts that can offer additional seating or seating areas are popular, as guests enjoy taking breaks, relaxing, or relocating for a bit during their work day. In addition to a desk and chair, consider comfortable seating options to enhance your space’s appeal.  


While not required, guests will appreciate knowing in advance if they’ll have access to water, refrigeration, or microwaves during their day so they can plan accordingly. Whether a full-size kitchen or mini-fridge, hosts who offer access to coffee, tea, water, and snacks will attract guests who want to spend an hour or a day in your space.  


In general, visitors often measure the quality of an establishment from its bathrooms. A clean, well-maintained bathroom is a must. Simple upgrades such as providing double ply toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, mouthwash and mini-cups, quality soap and hand lotion can go a long way in elevating a guest’s opinion of a work space.  

Other amenities

Have a treadmill desk or gym set up? Maybe direct access to a walking trail? You may be able to price your space higher if you have extra benefits that someone using your space can access, such as a mother’s room, a meditation space, or even a yoga mat.   Interested in learning how we’d transform your space to appeal to Haymaker guests? Consult with one of our experts. We’ll provide tailored recommendations virtually or in person. If your space is already Haymaker ready, sign up to host at


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