Remote Working Evolution Opens Opportunities For New And Untapped Work And Creative Spaces

When a third of the nation’s workforce was forced to operate remotely in early 2020 the shift was temporary for some. However, the work-from-home model has evolved from experiment to new working normal for a vast majority of companies and workers, who are now experiencing new flexibilities and challenges as they adapt.

According to the Future Workforce Report, it’s estimated that 36.2 million Americans will be remote by 2025. And yet, 37% percent of businesses who previously had office space have closed their physical offices for good*, and another 11% say they are planning to do the same. An additional 32% have closed at least a portion of their offices, and nearly half of businesses with 500+ employees have closed all of their offices. This leaves an extraordinary number of remote workers with the question: What happens when their home space isn’t meeting their needs as a work space?

The answer: A whole new space.

Whether looking for space for a team meeting, a desk to get away from distractions at home, or a view to spark creativity, today’s remote worker wants a place to be productive on their terms—wherever and whenever they need it. Which makes YOUR property the solution. And a lucrative solution at that. Instead of letting properties sit empty during the work week, missing out on potential income, you, as a Haymaker host, can provide a space for people seeking to change workspace locations. It’s a whole new revenue stream for untapped or underutilized space and is mutually beneficial for worker and host.

Haymaker can bring you and your future guests together. Whether your property is residential, commercial, co-working, retail, or even a hotel, Haymaker can pair you with the perfect remote worker, who can search availability, amenities, and secure reservations on our Haymaker marketplace.


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